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marți, 13 martie 2012

Despre suplimentii alimentari

Turning The Clock Around With Anti Aging Nutritional Supplements
by: Daniela Collins

There is a shift in the way we approach anti aging therapies. We have now realised that anti aging requires a holistic approach. Anti aging skin treatments, anti-wrinkle creams and face lifts are treatments that only reverse the visual signs of aging. Although cosmetic treatments will always have their place in anti aging therapies, the times where we believed in miracle creams for eternal youth has past long time ago. Many factors are contributing to the aging process. Our modern lifestyle is primarily to blame for premature aging skin, skin disorders and aging diseases. Many of us are under constant stress and eating a diet that consists of processed foods. Not to mention the environmental factors like pollution and UV radiation that are contributing to the aging process. These aging accelerators come in the form of free radicals that are attacking the cells within our body. The oxidization of cells are in fact part of the natural process that is created during normal cell activity. Our bodies own defense mechanism is able to neutralize oxidized cells. However, we cannot cope with the amount of free radicals that our lifestyle causes. Ill health, degenerative diseases and toxicity are the results of accumulated cell damage. Nutrition is the basis for health and therefore anti aging. With advanced nutrition we can fight the aging accelerators by giving our body all it needs to stay in optimal health. The skin is an organ which gets its nutrients from within. The skin also shows the first signs of aging and is a reflection of your health. A undernourished toxic body would age prematurely according to its state of health. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids are nutrients that we need on a daily basis. Unfortunately we get very little nutrients in our western diet. Despite the controversy on nutritional supplements, most health professionals do agree that we need to supplement our diet. Antioxidants are free radical scavengers. Most vitamins and minerals work with each other to keep the body running smoothly. A good example for that is calcium and magnesium. Magnesium helps with the absorption of calcium. One is not good without the other. A deficiency of calcium is to blame for the aging disease osteoporosis. Vitamins A, C and E are powerful antioxidants. Each vitamin performs a specific role in the maintenance of the cell. So when we’re looking for the best anti aging solution nutrition should be the first priority. Quality anti aging nutritional supplements are the basis for anti aging alongside a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. Visit http://www.best-antiaging-solution.com/anti-aging-nutritional-supplements.html for more information.

About the Author

Daniela Collins is a qualified Health and Beauty Specialist (I.H.B.C.) and provides a guide to holistic anti-aging treatments along with advice on nutrition, health, beauty, and skin care at her site http://www.best-antiaging-solution.com


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